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7 Best Youtube Channels For Academic Researchers

Best Youtube Channels

YouTube is fascinating, and it has become the go-to place for anyone trying to know about something. In the age of digitalization, people prefer to learn everything from YouTube channels. It can be learning about how to tie the knot of your tie to learning a new language or programming. YouTube has got everything you need, given that you are aware of what you need and where to look for it. In the same vein, YouTube can be a useful tool for academic researchers, provided they are aware of some of the best channels. There are a lot of YouTube channels out there that cater to the specific needs of academic researchers. YouTube channels cover a wide range of subjects and visually provide commentaries.

Research requires gathering data and information relevant to your subject. This task is time-consuming, and YouTube offers better ways to keep abreast of the latest research updates. You can find suitable material on any topic: natural sciences, social sciences, or humanities. So, we will keep the list specific to the best channels for academic researchers for this article.  

This article aims to highlight the seven best YouTube channels for academic researchers. The task of this article is to make the job of academic researchers easier. You will find the below-mentioned channels and opt-out of the one best suited to your needs.

Science Magazine

This channel is for academic researchers belonging to any natural sciences subject. Science Magazine embodies the core of science communication. It exhibits the latest scientific news, commentaries and ground-breaking research. The channel has more than 500 interesting videos divided into playlists. The playlists are categorized subject-wise, such as archaeology, health, and genetics. Each video provides a preview and functions as an abstract for the latest papers published in the natural sciences. The videos discuss the paper’s premise and highlight the major findings in an appealing manner.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Designer Phillip Dettmer founded this channel. The German name of this channel means in a nutshell. The channel summarizes complex information in a precise and engaging manner. It has more than 80 videos and can be resourceful for academic researchers gathering information on topics such as biology, genetic engineering and nuclear energy.

Crash Course

Founded by John Green and Hank Green, this channel showcases educational videos across various fields. They depict information on psychology, world history, philosophy, and physics. They provide engaging commentaries along with visual illustrations. This channel is useful for academic researchers to develop ideas and gather content for their research projects.

Yale Course

Yale courses ensure the free availability of Ivy League education, and several of its videos are online lectures by Yale faculty. The links also provide a complementary syllabus, transcripts, and other resources to facilitate the learning process. Academic researchers can benefit from this channel and watch lecture episodes relevant to their subject.

C.G.P Grey

If you are a social sciences or humanities student and a visual learner, subscribe to this channel to generate ideas for your assignments and research papers. This channel covers topics from history, philosophy to politics. Academic researchers can gather a lot of relevant information from this channel.

PhDiaries by Dr Lucy Kissick

This channel is dedicated to PhD students which documents the experiences of PhD students from the beginning to the end of PhD dissertation writing. The videos contents include guidance on conferences, how to publish a paper, how to deal with the workload and how to tackle lack of motivation. This channel can be of assistance to academic researchers who are doing PhD.


This channel was founded by Meg Lattore and advises writers on writing techniques. Academic researchers often face writer’s block and are unable to write properly. Meg offers industry-centric knowledge and writing techniques in her videos.

MIT Open Course Ware

This YouTube channel features educational videos, lectures and research by its faculty members. Academic researchers can seek guidance from this channel about the latest research and scientific development. Videos are showcased in an informative and captivating manner 


The role and impact of YouTube channels in higher education and especially academic research has become prominent. Academic researchers are no longer bound by the confines of searching for a difficult concept in the bookshelves of a library. YouTube channels have made the process of learning accessible and engaging. It also saves a lot of time usually spent in reading for academic research.

In the modern world, education has become digitized, and it has opened up new platforms for learning. Academic researchers can be more productive if they utilize YouTube channels to access information required for their research. Social media videos and tutorials guide the writing process and research methodologies which is helpful for academic researchers.  YouTube has a multidisciplinary approach to featuring videos, and academic researchers belonging to any field can access the information there.

Illustrative abstracts showcased in the Science Magazine channel about the latest scientific papers can save time for researchers in science. Similarly, YouTube channels such as Crash Courses and Kurzgesagt can summarize complex information in a short time. Visual learners can utilize the above mentioned YouTube channels to facilitate their research projects.

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