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How making 1-minute videos on Social Media you Famous


Do you know you can make 1k to 5k a month just by creating short videos? That’s the power of social media. I’m talking about TikTok stars that have over a million followers however you can have that too. The process is simple you just need a whole lot of creativity and a pinch of skills.

Short videos are the new trend and have been adopted by almost all the trending names – Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and the major platform TikTok. Since you might already be familiar with these, it won’t take a lot of effort to establish a social presence.

Read the article below to know everything you need before kick-starting your short video career!

Which platforms can these videos be made on?

These short videos can be made anywhere although the time duration on each platform along with some of the features might differ. However, the basic process is pretty much the same. You need to shoot a video, maybe in segments or as a whole then edit it and post it. They’re easy to make and even easier to watch.

If you are not comfortable with a platform, it is also quite handy to make these videos using your regular mobile camera and compile them through any video editing app. Although there are tons of video editing applications on the Playstore, you can easily spot a good one by reading the reviews. Some of the best video editing applications include iMovie and Kinemaser. Once you’ve done the shooting and editing, it’s time to launch it and kick start your social media presence!

As for the apps, below is a list of the top applications that either is designed with short videos as their main entertainment source or have a section for these. By using the platforms below, you will surely acquire skills, a place to showcase your talent, a large fanbase, and possibly a source of income soon!

TikTok Videos

The first app that pops into everyone’s minds when they hear the term ‘1-minute videos’ is none other than TikTok! Launched not long ago, this platform has already made it to the top with YouTube and Instagram following suit. Users spend hours daily watching these videos. In the US, 50.6% of Android users access this app daily to spend hours watching trends from all over the world. Since the platform recently only elongated its video time from a minute to three minutes, it gives you more versatility to create the kind of video you want without any limits.

If one wants to earn fame and skills using short videos, TikTok has to be the best platform out there. It is versatile, user-friendly, and has a large audience suited for all kinds of content. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in cooking or dancing, TikTok has a place for you.


Although short videos aren’t the primary focus of Instagram, its new project ‘Reels’ is a TikTok version hence is a great start to your short-video-making career. I would suggest trying this out since it’s a new venture and hence there are higher chances for it to work out in your favor since there will be way less competition. Instagram also is my personal favorite with its ever-changing algorithms that provide space and opportunity for everyone.

Although the feature is comparatively new, there’s already a list of creators who’ve successfully managed to tackle the platform and achieve fame. You might want to check out their Reels before you start making yours. They include @curlyfrysfeed, my personal favorite; @themermaidscales, @blairimani, @sophiehannah, @theethanfields, and many more. Reels are so similar to TikTok, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between these videos. The only difference is that Reels consist of a lower amount of filters present.


Snapchat also took inspiration from Instagram and launched something similar that goes by the name ‘Snapchat Highlights’. This feature isn’t the same and only lets you highlight your already existing favorite videos but it is something new. If you have a public account, you can showcase all your favorite Snapchat videos and pictures on your account permanently by simply highlighting them.

Since Snapchat is the best at filters, stickers, and every tool designed to create something fun, it is indeed the best platform to show off all your amazing talent and the chance to have a profile hence a bold online presence is just mind-blowing.

Videos on YouTube

Lastly, YouTube also established a version so similar to TikTok that many think the feature is a result of the inferiority TikTok has caused YouTube to be in going by the name of ‘Shorts’. We’re not quite sure if there was a need for such a feature when the platform already is identified for its longer videos but I guess a new initiative shouldn’t be undermined. Anyways, this can work in your favor since YouTube does have the largest base, consisting of around 2240.03 million users today. The features are similar to TikTok and creators are already familiar with the monetization opportunities.

Furthermore, if you already have a YouTube account, Shorts might help you in expanding your reach.

Will they help establish a presence?

Yes, we do believe the platform will help you establish a much greater presence than you might have already. There are several reasons for this, which I have discussed in detail below;

  1. A new opportunity

Since these videos haven’t been around for that long and many of these platforms have just launched, it is a comparatively mew opportunity. Hence you will be easily able to reach the top in bo time. Moreover, the newness of the platform would allow you to create your trends for people to follow.

  1. Videos engage a larger audience

It has been quite evident that videos tend to engage people more and for longer when compared to image posts. A study showed that amongst the Facebook-owned platforms, YouTube had an engagement ratio of 64%, being the leading video platform while Instagram had that of 48% as it primarily focuses on image posts. It is wiser to opt for videos when looking to build a huge social presence.

  1. More expressive

Since videos give creators mobility, they construct a way of expression that photos cannot. This is why videos are preferred. Especially these 1-minute ones that give just the perfect amount of time to get your message across without tiring out the user.

Final word

Social media is rapidly taking over the world and showcasing talent is getting harder due to the saturation. In such a case, it is handy to seize new platforms and opportunities to get started.

Now that you have good knowledge about these videos as well the platforms they can be made on, well it’s time to get out there on your own and establish a social presence!

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