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Advantages of having a 12 GB ram phone for gaming

12GB RAM phone

12GB RAM phone

RAM plays an integral part in all smartphones, PC, laptops, etc. Therefore before buying an electronic device, it is essential to consider the phone’s memory as well. With smartphones now being an inseparable part of our life, we have a huge variety at our disposal to cater to various needs.  

The 12GB RAM phone has come as a surprise for gaming enthusiasts. Considering the concerns and requirements of all the gaming enthusiasts, the big smartphone brands have come up with more significant phone memory. This provides the users with various other advantages apart from bigger RAM. Below mentioned are the various benefits of having a 12GB RAM phone for gaming. 

Advantages of a 12GB Ram Phone

• More extensive memory

With a 12GB RAM phone, gaming enthusiasts are no longer required to compromise on their favorite games. As you now have more memory, you can now download and enjoy all your favorite games on your smartphones. Moreover, a better memory allows the users with better usage and gaming controls.

A bigger RAM size in your smartphone provides you with more memory space. In addition, a bigger memory allows the users to enjoy games that require more extensive memory storage. 

• Better functionality

With a 12GB RAM phone at your disposal, you are no longer required to worry about the device’s functionality while enjoying your favorite game. Mobile phones with low memory face lagging and loading issues during gaming sessions. However, it’s not the case with a 12GB ram phone. With a high memory of the mobile phone, the user does not have to worry about the phone’s performance. 

Game-centric features

There are many game-centric features endorsed in a 12Gb RAM phone. Moreover, these smartphones with 12 GB RAM usually come with several features introduced specially for the gamers to enjoy their gaming sessions.

Moreover, the phone price of the 12 GB RAM phones is also quite reasonable. The best part being, the user no longer needs to burn a hole in their pocket to get their hands on a larger memory phone with a 12GB ram. 

Better performance

With a bigger memory of 12GB RAM in their mobile phones, the users can also enjoy better performance. However, some major issue by the users, especially while enjoying gaming sessions on their smartphones, is the heating issue. This heating issue is quite a common hurdle while playing games on smartphones. However, with a smartphone of 12GB, one no longer needs to worry about heating issues.

Access to faster data

One of the major advantages of going for a 12GB RAM phone is accessing faster data. This is because the users can now get a bigger RAM phone that allows accessing data faster at a reasonable phone price. Therefore, with such a phone, the user will no longer get stuck while retrieving any data.


The higher capacity ram enables you to do numerous tasks on your phone without experiencing any lag. Moreover, several additional features have been introduced to us by the smartphones like video-streaming, messaging, online shopping, social networking, etc. These can only be done by installing specific applications on your smartphone. 

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And these applications consume a high amount of processing power of the smartphone as well as the memory. Thus, the phones that have lower capacity Ram’s like 3GB, 4GB, etc., will drastically affect the phone’s performance and will be incapable of multitasking.

Enhanced Autonomy

As we always believe that more is always better, similarly, in the case of smartphones, more capacity ram like 12GB is better as it provides enhanced autonomy. One will feel a difference while using the smartphone in its usability aspects like UX and UI.

Apart from getting enhanced usability aspects, your phone will never run out of memory space. Also, you can easily download the newer versions of applications and operating systems in a seamless manner.

More Storage

More RAM space means more storage space. This storage does not imply application storage. Rather, it refers to OS data storage and cache memory storage. Often when we run numerous applications, it saves many cache files.

Once they get accumulated, it can cause the phone to get lagged. But with higher capacity RAM, there will be more than sufficient memory space. Also, a large capacity of OS files can be easily installed on the device.

Such phones come with various advantages for gaming, along with a reasonable phone price that everyone can afford. With a bigger memory of 12 GB ram phone in their smartphone, gaming enthusiasts can download as many games as they want without worrying about exhausting the phone memory.

Along with a bigger space, the users also get better performance from the device and access faster data and gamer-centric features. 

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