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Big Boss 15 – Did Tejasswi and Karan Relationship Become Official After Family Week?

The couple Tejasswi and Karan have been in a relationship since the beginning of Bigg Boss 15. They have been dubbed as Tehran by fans of the show. The couple was first seen kissing on the sets of the reality show. In the promo, Tejasswi’s parents approved of their relationship, stating that “Teja is the heart of our family”. After this, the pair’s chemistry was undeniably spotted and soon after, the relationship was made official.

Karan Will Shocked To See Tejasswi Brother

During the Family Week of the show, Tejasswi was introduce to her brother Karan, who was shock when he told her that he love her. During the interview, Karan’s father said that Teja is the heart of their family. However, despite the tense situation, Karan’s parents said that they never had any such comment about his partner. It made Tejasswi blush and her brother Pratik also gave their blessing to Tehran. also the interview, Tejasswi was asked about Karan’s relationship with her sister and she reveal that she is her mother’s favorite.

Family Week, the contestants were allow to meet their families virtually. with the Family Week, Tejasswi Prakash’s brother reveals that his mother had approve of his relationship with Karan Kundra. The other contestants clapped as well and wished the couple well. In the following weeks, they will continue to work together to win the hearts of their fans.

At the end of the episode, Karan introduces Tejasswi to his parents. His father tells Tejasswi that she is the heart of their family. The two exchange gifts and kiss one another. Both of them are delightful and have become one of the most prominent couples of Big boss 15. The two are now looking forward to spending the rest of the season together in the big house.

The couple’s relationship is a big concern for Tejasswi’s parents. They want their children to be close to her, but their parents are worry about Teja’s future. Luckily, they are both genuinely supportive and emo over the relationship. And now they’ve got the final nod in the competition. It seems the two are the most popular couples on the show.

The Bigg Boss 15 contestants had a very emotional time this week. Their parents were shown in the promo accepting their relationship. In a separate scene, Karan’s brother reveals that his mother has approved of their relationship. During Family Week, the contestants’ families will meet each other’s parents through a video call. In the final episode, TejRan will be crown as the winner.

Last Episode Breakup In The Notorious Coffin Task

The final season of Bigg Boss is about to reach the finale. Both Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra have been fighting for months. The last episode saw them break up in the notorious coffin task. The pair will get marrie after the finals of the season. While the relationship is not yet official, the couple’s love story is.

During this week, Karan and Tejasswi will have their first official kiss. According to a recent promo, Tejasswi’s parents are happy with their relationship. Meanwhile, Karan’s parents are reluctant to accept their relationship. After Family Week, the couple will make it real. But their love for each other will probably last a while.

During Family Week, Tejasswi and Karan met their families in a video conference call. They were both approve by the parents of Tejasswi Prakash, and fans are now gushing about them. The couple is even starting to share a home. In fact, they are officially dating as of now. But if they don’t work on their bond, Tejasswi and Karan will end up forming a marriage.

After the Family Week in Big boss 15, Karan and Tejasswi’s relationship has been confirm. While the two were once romantically linked, it wasn’t until the show’s finale that the two became official. The love-making duo were later found to have a daughter together, but they are now at odds. While Tejasswi has a baby with a baby, Karan’s father was devastat by this.

Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra are engaged and their relationship has reached a new level of excitement. During Family Week, the contestants will meet their families. During the show, the couple will meet their families through a video call. The competition will also have a few surprises for the viewers. While the two are in love with each other, there will be a few challenges to overcome.

Wekend War Tejasswi Parents Come

During the Family Week, both Karan and Tejasswi will meet their families and meet them virtually. In the promo for Big boss 15, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra met their parents and told them that they were going to get married. Their parents later approved the relationship, claiming that Teja is the heart of their family. However, fans are skeptical about whether the couple will be able to find happiness after the show.

The Bigg Boss 15 housemates will meet their families in the upcoming weeks. Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra’s parents are already accepting Tejswi and Karan. In the Bigg Boss 15 promo, they were shown meeting their parents and introducing each other. Afterward, Karan tells Tejswi that he loves her, and their mother accepts the relationship.

During the show’s Family Week, the contestants talked to their families about their relationship. The Kundra family said that Karan and Tejasswi’s parents have already approved of their relationship. During the episode, Karan’s father said that Teja’s mother is very proud of his relationship with Karan. Despite the emotional turmoil, the show continues with the final tejran announcement.

The bigg Boss finale of Big boss 15 will be a huge event for the contestants. This season will also see the final two couples make their relationship official. As fans watch the episodes, Karan’s father is happy to see their young daughter in love with Teja. Both of their families have approved of the relationship, as the TejRan family is the heart of his family.

Both of Teja’s family has approved of their relationship. The Kundra family members said that they were happy that the relationship was a good thing for both parties. They also added that they were happy that Karan is getting a woman she can love and feel comfortable with. This has led to a lot of emotional drama and speculation, and we’re eager to see the results.

Ending Up Discussion

While Teja’s family has not confirmed the relationship, the family of both Karan Kundra has confirmed their approval. The astrologer said that Teja and Karan will remain in the show together, as the relationship is strong and supportive. The astrologer says that the two are compatible and will make their relationship official. It’s not clear if they’ll meet their families at the show, but the astrologist is convinced that it will happen.

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