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Bluetooth Speaker – Which One to Buy?

It is no secret that Bluetooth speakers are often underrated, this has created a market of subpar speaker systems. If you are on the search for a good set of Bluetooth speakers. It can be an easy process or at times very hard. We will take all your specifications into consideration to help you find your perfect companion.


There are different price ranges of Bluetooth speakers in the world marketplaces like Amazon, Best Buy. You can find some of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100. On the other hand, depending on your budget you should choose the right one.


When it comes to size, speakers are usually classified as small, medium, or large. If you are looking for a mobility speaker buy small Bluetooth speakers. The Medium speakers are best for indoor use and Large ones will suit outdoor conditions.

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Power Source

Another factor is the power source of Bluetooth Speaker which can be either rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. Non-rechargeable battery powered Bluetooth speakers last much longer. Than their rechargeable counterparts do since they aren’t affected by battery life whereas with the latter. Users have to charge them frequently which may not be possible at all times. Whenever desired to play music at full volume continuously.


Do you want to buy Bluetooth Speaker with certain features? Many speakers come equipped with what are known as bells and whistles. Which include added ports for auxiliary inputs, amps that support high-impedance headphones. And or even LED lighting. These extra features can affect the price of a set of speakers substantially so keep your eyes open. The last but not least feature is wireless connectivity type -most common being Bluetooth. Compatibility along with other types like Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the speakers is the most important factor to consider before buying Bluetooth speaker. Sound quality can be defined as “how loud and good-sounding. Your music will be” which increases with voice clarity, bass response, noise floor, distortion levels etc.

What is your Primary Usage?

The primary usage plays an important role in choosing right Bluetooth Speaker for yourself. For example if you are planning to buy speakers for parties & gatherings. Than obviously you should opt for best wireless bluetooth party speakers or similarly. If you are looking for crystal clear stereo sound at home. Than small Bluetooth indoor speakers are ideal for you.

Do You Need a Subwoofer?

If you’re a bass-head and love to bump the beat. Then it is advisable that you buy a set of speakers with built-in subwoofers or wireless bluetooth woofer otherwise you can also opt for an external portable powered speaker. Which will definitely add up extra bucks but won’t be easy on your pocket. Most speakers in our list below have built-in Bass Radiators/Drivers. Whereas only few have no separate driver dedicated for Bass reproduction.

Battery Life

Most speakers come with rechargeable batteries while some don’t so keep this optional factor in mind when buying Bluetooth Speakers. A perfect combination would be Bluetooth speakers with Lithium-ion batteries. Which are more efficient and have longer battery life compared to other battery types.

Will You Be Traveling With it?

If you’re planning to buy speakers for outdoor and indoor use. Than make sure its perfectly designed for portability with easy to carry handles or small size. Also, the weight might also affect when you plan to travel with it.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy

Considering all the above tips, we’ve mentioned two of our best picks. That will blow your mind with the featured they come with.

1. Bose SoundLink Mini II – Best Portable Speaker

Bose is one of the most reputed brands in high-end Home Theater Systems & Stereo Speakers. Who has some great products like Bose companion 5 multimedia speakers (best pc speakers) etc. This time they’ve come up with their new version of Soundlink Mini. The Bose SoundLink Mini II which offers an impressive full-range sound with deep bass. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie or playing video games.

This wireless speaker is compact and portable and can easily fill up your bedroom or small apartment room. It has built-in Lithium ion rechargeable battery. That gives upto 10 hours of playback time on single charge and takes about 3 hours for complete charging. It has Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity along with NFC (Near Field Communication). Which makes it easier to pair as compared to other speakers as NFC. Enables pairing by simply tapping two NFC enabled devices together.

2.   JBL Flip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the best portable bluetooth speakers in the market. And also comes in two other variants like JBL Xtreme and JBL Charge 2. The Flip 3 speaker is designed in such a way that it can be easily hooked on your backpacks. While going for a picnic or outdoor activity along with other accessories available. Because of its unique folding design. It has been made from water-resistant fabric which means you don’t have to worry. If you get caught up during rain or accidentally spill some water over it or even get dusty after storage.

The sound quality of the device is very crisp & clear with excellent bass performance. Although not as loud as Bose Soundlink mini but still this could be the best Bluetooth speaker one can buy for this price range. It has built-in Lithium-ion battery. Which gives upto 8 hours of playback time on single charge with just 3 hours of charging.

It also has a Microphone built in it with dual external passive radiators and is compatible with almost all types of smartphones, tablets. And music players including Android, Apple iPhones and iPods etc. The Bluetooth connectivity range is about 30 feet and its NFC enabled. So you don’t have to worry much about the pairing as it’s easy as pressing a button!

Final Words

These are some of the best Bluetooth speakers available in the market. Which you can buy to enjoy clear sound quality music with deep bass. But don’t forget, even though portability is an added feature it should not be your first priority when buying a Bluetooth speaker. Because if considering that the most important factor then there’s no end to this search.

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