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Dry Van Storage Trailer Rental Benefits

dry van trailer

Dry Van Storage

Warehouses and retailers also benefit from the extra space provided by storage trailers. These storage vans, also known as dry van trailers, come in sizes from 28 to 53 feet and provide easy, watertight storage for everything you need.

For a variety of reasons, storage vans are the best alternative for warehouse or retail storage. Many companies offer dry van trailer rental SC services that are beneficial for many organizations to save assets.

For starters, they may be loaded directly at the loading port, but the storage container must remain in the parking lot. When it comes to unloading, this offers more convenience to your workers.

Second, goods are often delivered by dry van storage trailers and can be rented to fit the same size.

Third, the storage trailers are wheeled and highly mobile, so you can move them if you need to move them to another dock.

All of these benefits are available in used storage trailers, one of the most popular storage options. However, renting the latest high-quality trailers will ensure you get the performance you need and the price you want.

Why should you insist on a late model storage trailer?

Storage trailers are ideal if you need additional warehouse space or if you need to free up shipping and receiving space. You may want to think that all trailers are the same, but it’s important to insist on a high-quality late model trailer.

This is the reason:

Windproof and waterproof exterior

You need to be confident that you will be protected from the elements no matter what you store or how long you store it. Like our shipping containers, our storage trailers are brand new and guaranteed to be windproof and waterproof.

Rent an old dry van storage trailer may save you some money, but there is no guarantee that it will keep your cargo safe.

Stronger Floor

Being able to drive a traction motor to pick up everything you need is a convenient advantage of storing your goods in a storage trailer.

Rent a high-quality late model trailer to make sure the floor can accommodate and support the weight of the forklift.

Interior Lighting

As storage trailers are newer, they will be better and more user-friendly. One of the advantages of the new model, when compared to the old model, is its brightly lit, easy-to-navigate interior. As a result, loading goods is much easier.

Easy-to-operate doors

The most common types of rear doors found on storage trailers are roll-up doors or swing doors. Late-model trailer doors are still easy to use and won’t stay open or close. Rent a new storage trailer to save time and money.

High-Quality Tires

Like any other, dry van trailer tires need to be replaced regularly. Rent a new dry van trailer and make sure the tires are in good condition so you can move the unit as needed.


Finally, the new high-quality trailer looks great and is positively reflected in your store or business. This is especially important for retailers where customers enter. Simply put, old rusty storage trailers don’t look good.

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