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How do Candle Brands Design Esthetic and Customized Candle Boxes?

Candles are a fragile and sensitive retail product that is massively used for various purposes. As a candle manufacturer, you need to pay proper attention to appealing candles that help you boost your brand ranking and sales. Add to this; candles require packaging that protects them from damaging and de-shaping. Plus, the use of custom candle boxes makes your candles presentable and catchy for target audiences. Let see the tips that you can opt for awesome and loving candle boxes. 

Choose Perfect Material for Candle Boxes 

The product’s security is the essential chunk that you must consider while shipping them to customers’ doorstep. In this regard, you need to pick custom candle boxes that are available in various heavy-duty materials and sizes as per the requirement of the candles. Although you choose various aspects such as tin, plastic, paper, and other materials, but the used cardboard, Kraft, rigid and corrugated for your candles packing is nature-friendly. You can increase the thickness of cardstock according to your choice and budget. Commonly, brands use 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, and 22pt for constructing best candle boxes. 

Opt Customized Designs for Candle Packaging 

The magic of alluring candle cases designs compels your customers to turns their heads towards your products on the retail shelves. After the era of COVID-19, the spellbinding design of candle boxes is still mandatory to rule on the hearts of the people due to shipping products to customer’s doorstep. Nowadays, your shipping box and secondary candle packaging box both require enchanting designs to boost your sales and put an everlasting impact on the mind of the consumers. Here is the list of some tips that help you to make the esthetic design of your candle packaging. 

  • Floral printing 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Artistic look 
  • Doodles printing
  • Blurring designs 
  • Abstract designs 
  • Marbling design texture 

So, all discussed designs are some examples for your guidance; you can make them more customized and personalized.

Design a Unique Logo for Candle Packaging 

Printed candle boxes with logos are the surpass option for branding and market your products in the industry. A brand logo is the best communicator between a brand and common people. So, be cautious when you design a logo for candle box packaging and make them attractive.  Mostly, candle brands use monogram and word-based logos that require unique font styles. But you can also pick the emblem, combination mark, and symbolize logo to make your recognition in the industry. 

Adopt customized and copyrighted fonts 

Without using fonts, you cannot make your custom-printed candle boxes talkative. So, you need to pick copyrighted and customized font styles for our clients as per your wish. But keep in mind don’t copy other font styles; instead, pay a small amount to obtain a customized and unique font style. When you pick a custom font style, no one dared to claim you to use copied font style. Add to this; you can buy various fonts to print text on various parts in one style. For instance, you cannot use 24 or 36 font sizes to print ingredients and MFG date on the box. You can use 12, 14, and 16 to print your candle specifications on candle boxes. 

Simple and Clear Slogan OR Taglines also Assist in Branding

Every brand has its own ideology and motive; due to this, it existed in the industry. But all candle brands do not have the same perceptions. In this regard, every brand writes slogans and taglines that clearly deliver the brand message in the industry. These meaningful and precise taglines superbly work with the logo to market your products in the industry. So, you need to pick the perfect catchy color, font style, sizes, and space of text on the candle packaging cases to print this content to communicate with your audiences. 

Touch of Embossing to Provide Visibility of Your Text 

The use of embossing increases the value of the candle and provides visibility to the particular area that you want to make prominent. Embossing offers the raised surface of the box, and it is done by using foiling or matte colors. Add to this; blind embossing gives a fabulous and decent look to your candle packaging boxes engaging. Blind embossing never uses any other additional color and foil layers. 

Debossing Provide Sunken Look to Your Content 

If you don’t like the raised surface, then you can give a sunken look by using a debossing effect. It provides the recessed look of your text and designs that you want to apply to the custom candle packaging. As similar to embossing, blind debossing is also famous in the packaging industry, and brands use it to build their growth. Blind debossing also has no color, and it is done without using extra color or foil to provide prominence. But, it imparts a lovely and sophisticated look to your candle boxes that engage the audience. 

Application of Gold Foil Stamping for Candle Boxes 

They used gold and silver touch in your candle boxes to make them surpass the targeted audiences. However, the use of foil is too much costly for small businesses. So, you can use foil stamping on specific areas instead of using it on the entire box. Add to this; you can use foiling in various places to enhance the visibility of your candles. For instance, you can use the logo, brand name, barcode, and fragrances flavors. Here are some more foiling colors that are used on the candle boxes.

  • Soft pink 
  • Rouge 
  • Gunmetal 
  • Hot pink 
  • Teal 
  • Turquoise  

Use of Eva Foam And Tray for Candle Packing 

To remove the errors regarding security, candle manufacturers used additional security material.  In this regard, you can use a cardboard tray and partitions. But the use of EVA foam inside the packaging makes your candle worthy and luxurious. So, if you want to maintain your trust, then you can use Eva foam in your custom candle box to strongly hold them in one place. Moreover, it protects your candle from extra shaking and moving in transportation and storing in warehouses. 

Closing Thoughts

The above-mentioned discussion is moving around the tips that are useful for small candle businesses. It tells the tips to make charming and loveliness candle boxes that grab your users’ attention at first glance. So, you can choose cardstock, designs, styles, finishing coatings, security material, logo, font style, and many other factors according to your wish list that is evolving in your mind. Now you can check all the chunks one by one and solve your issues as well. 

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