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Simple Mehndi Patterns that work for every Occasion

mehndi patterns

Mehndi is a kind of body art that is used for the skin is decorated for special occasions. Mehndi Design is also referred to as henna. It is widely utilized in the subcontinent to create beautiful designs for hand feet, arms and legs. 

It is made from dried dry leaves powdered by the plant henna. Mehndi is the oldest custom practiced by Asians for their special occasions. There are numerous beautiful mehndi designs, and I’m often confused when trying to decide what I want to do with my hands. Recently, I saved some of the most stunning mehndi designs I found on a lengthy blog by Libas e Jamila.

Positive Spirits & Good Luck

There are many easy mehndi design that work for every occasion such as weddings, to Eid. Mehndi is believed to bring positive energy and is a symbol of good luck. Weddings in Subcontinent tradition call for an amehndi ceremony to be performed prior to the wedding to be a means to wish the bride good health and wealth as she begins her journey to get married. The focus is on joy and celebration. 

The most important aspect of a wedding ceremony is mehndi, and it is not complete without henna applied to the hands. Not only the bride but all women in the family unite to celebrate their joy by applying henna on their hands. 

Everyone has their own preference of styles based on their individual tastes. Some likes simple mehndi designs some prefer heavy designs. Most brides are tattooed in heavy designs however the fashion changes in time. The current fashion is of simple henna patterns brides are also wearing henna that is simple and light typically round tikkas with large fingers.

The mehndi that was used in the past was a powdered version that could be mixed in water until it was the form of liquid and was then placed on the body for decoration. Today, we can find many different types of liquid mehndi called instant mehndi, needle mehndi or quick mehndi that is generally dark and applied to hands using needle. It is a beautiful design that is extremely stylish and classy.

Chand Raat to all its splendor

There are many occasions that are not complete without mehndi. Eid is just one of them. Chand Raat is celebrated one night prior to the Eid. This is among those evenings when everyone Muslim across the world is the most joyful on each street and all the bazaars are gleaming with. There are henna stalls as well as Bangles everywhere. Little girls are getting henna done in the stalls, along with Bangles. 

This event is celebrated like an event that brings the swell of blessings across. Chand Raat is among the most cherished occasions for me. I enjoy shopping at the local market, observe the crowds and relish the process of preparing. 

Everyone is eager to put on new clothes and receive the blessings of this wonderful event. Little girls are extremely happy to receive matching bangles their outfits. The vibe is unique and gorgeous. There is a special atmosphere in homes. The girls are always busy applying simple mehndi design to their hands, while mothers are occupied in the kitchens to cook food to celebrate the occasion.

Create Beautiful Memories together

My favorite mehndi style is a simple circle, with a small designs around it. I typically apply mehndi by myself. It is my most popular thing to do on occasions like Eid. My Chand Raat is the one who applies Henna on other people. This means that I rarely have enough time to apply it to my own hands, but I use mehndi on any circumstance, no matter if it’s three days of Eid. The practice of applying mehndi continues since a long period of. 

I can still recall the time that henna was not a cone. was used, but we would apply the powder henna it using a fingers on the hands of other people. It is among many beautiful customs for each girl as it is an extremely feminine moment girls get together with their siblings, cousins and friends. 

Friends also host mehndi celebrations during Chand Raat and invite their guests to sleepovers and celebrations. One friend who is skilled the art of applying henna designs in charge of applying henna to everyone’s hands, and that’s why the event is celebrated with joy, love and blessings.

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