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Tips for Sales Enablement Leaders to Upgrade Mobile Learning


The importance of a mobile learning culture has never been greater than it is now. My clients have had to adapt to the enablement and communication needs of a completely remote population during the last few months. And, over that period, the definition of a remote worker has evolved; it is no longer as traditional as it once was.

Clients have been seen to have to accommodate individuals who now have to help their children with virtual learning activities for school, manage an increase in chores both inside and outside the home, and deal with a variety of additional distractions. Furthermore, they’re dealing with the exhaustion of sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time with little to no outside engagement. As a result, they migrate whenever and wherever it is possible!

As a result, clients’ enablement styles have had to change in order to become genuinely mobile. What does it mean to have a culture that is genuinely mobile-enabled? I’m referring to a methodology that goes beyond “virtual learning” in the usual sense. Rather, it capitalises on the word’s meaning of accessibility and flexibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The core of developing a mobile culture is having information available on both mobile and desktop–it certainly accommodates the instances stated above.

To develop a genuine mobile learning culture, the content and its delivery platform must handle 3 essential forms of access with the learner in mind: familiar access, on-the-go access, and connecting directly in the flow.

They have access to information. Ascertain that the learner is comfortable with the tools and apps required to consume or engage with the information.

  • The name of the platform, its purpose, and how to access the application should all be communicate . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen organisations launch a fantastic technological platform and the learners are completely unaware of its existence! Or, better still, even if they have a passing familiarity with the platform, they have no idea how to use it.
  • A brief overview of the platform(s) can be extremely beneficial. We try to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to using the platform. When it comes to most technology, especially applications, if a user has problems with it the first time they use it, it becomes exceedingly tough to re-engage them.
  • A preferred method among our clients is to send an introduction video starring or narrated by a top leader introducing the platform, a programme imitative, and/or a directive. The keynote video is typically followed by a sequence of content that introduces the student to the platform’s features.
  • Assist your students in “getting to know” the platforms so that they are comfortable utilising them. The only aspect left to do now is to research!

On-the-go access Ascertain that the student can engage or be engaged with the platform regardless of their location.

  • Flexible work arrangements were becoming increasingly popular among organisations around the world even before COVID-19. Employees are now dividing their time between the office and their homes. Providing consistent access to all systems and best sales enablement tools is an important part of making this shift effective. When it comes to a company’s learning platforms, there should be no exemption.
  • Continuity across platforms is possible with a cloud-based platform. Learners can access the same content from their personal desktop, business laptop, personal tablet, or mobile device. If you’re anything like myself, and the countless learners whose behaviours I’ve learned to recognise, the device you’ll bring with you is determined by where you’re going. Learners typically arrive at work with their hands-free, ready to take action on their computers. A tablet or smartphone will suffice for commuting. A cellular Bluetooth connection to the car speakers works wonders for enjoying entertainment on the go, even if you’re driving. This is a truly mobile experience.

Access in the flow. In the flow differs from “on the move” in that it integrates learning into the end learner’s daily routine.

  • Consider the scenarios that your students may encounter on a daily basis, especially in today’s world. Many students multitask their entire lives! With more children at home, more duties, and multiplied supermarket runs . Content consumption must fit into the day’s rhythm as much as possible.
  • Many of my clients create audio and visual content-heavy programming. This is a great idea. Consider the learner preparing dinner while listening to a piece of audio learning content. After that, the learner may choose to unwind on the couch and answer the 2-3 questions at the end of the video. The student is going through the motions of their day, and their mobile gadget is following them.
  • Providing users with familiar learning access, learning access on the go, and learning access in the flow of life, in short, contributes to the development of truly mobile culture. We can’t afford to miss the mark by ignoring the enormous stakes placed on true mobility if we want to stay competitive in our new reality. It fits into the new world we’ve entered, whether it’s temporary or permanent.


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Customers are at the heart of all we do at Mindtickle. Without an exceptional workforce, assisting revenue companies in maintaining a constant state of excellence is impossible. Because we have a best-in-class staff, we can create best-in-class products and collaborations.

Without the aid of an excellent staff, assisting revenue businesses in maintaining a consistent state of excellence is impossible. Our clients are at the core of everything we do or achieve at Mindtickle.

We create best-in-class goods and collaborations because we have the best-in-class staff.

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