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Top-tier taxi insurance provider for vehicles.

Taxi insurance

Protect My Taxi offers comprehensive and full fledged commercial coverage for all sorts of cabs. We have a full range of high end taxi insurance policies to meet your needs in the business. To ensure that you and your passengers are insured, our Taxi Insurance Brokers can help you locate suitable and reasonable insurance for your taxi.

Taxi Insurance: What to Look for 

  • Private & public Hire insurance
  • is your tax insurance cover appropriate for saloons, black cabs, and MPVs.
  • Four designated drivers maximum per taxi policy
  • Cover to join the UBER team
  • cab drivers with inexperienced or new licenses and younger drivers

You require prompt, dependable service because time is of the essence. Let us do the groundwork to assist you in remaining legal, whether you are looking for a single cab or a fleet, or you provide services for public or private hire taxi insurance. 

Our claims management staff will make sure you get back on the road as soon as possible because we want to keep you moving.

What makes Protect My Taxi particularly more appealing?

We have a policy for everyone, whether you’re just starting out in the taxi business, moving toward self-employment, or are an experienced driver. Since we partner with a variety of specialised insurers, we are able to be adaptable and provide affordable Taxi Insurance to meet your requirements.

Both private & public hire insurance options are available. Hire and Reward coverage is a part of both Public Hire taxi Insurance and Private Hire taxi Insurance. Drivers are able to carry members of the general public on a legal basis in exchange for payment thanks to this type of taxi insurance. For trips that have been reserved in advance or hailed, we can offer insurance.

When you speak to one of our insurance consultants, they will explain which choice is best because we can also arrange Fleet Insurance. Because when you have more than two vehicles, it is possible to get them covered under one single insurance policy.

You can choose adaptable payment method

You can choose to make a down payment and then divide the remaining premium into nine or ten monthly payments thanks to our flexible and adaptable payment plans.

It’s strongly encouraged that, as a cab driver, you also think about getting public liability insurance, which we can assist you with. Let the team know that you’re finished with your taxi insurance quote with us and that you’d like additional details on public liability insurance and how it can help you avoid unforeseen expenses.

Insurance for taxis

The purpose of taxi insurance is to safeguard taxi drivers, their cars, and the customers they serve. The fact that their rates and pickup locations are frequently arbitrary and unplanned, as well as the fact that they don’t use luxurious cars, distinguishes taxi services from limo, black car, and ridesharing services. There is a new type of insurance risk as a result.

The coverage provided by taxi insurance extends beyond standard cab operations. Other businesses are also covered, such as tourist tours, airport shuttle services, and some dangers associated with ridesharing.

Requirements for taxi insurance

You might need to meet the standards for taxi insurance set forth by your insurance provider and the state in which you work. Various factors, such as the following, may cause them to vary:

Place of business and state – Each state has its own set of regulations. Age and type of car – Some insurance companies might not accept older cars. Age and driving record of the driver – Younger drivers may have an impact on your eligibility.

To find out more about the state-specific criteria, contact your neighborhood Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Ask your insurance company for information on the requirements.

Do you operate a regular taxicab?

Yellow is the usual color for taxi cabs. However, certain states and towns have laws requiring taxis to have a particular hue, or occasionally a different one. Consult the taxi commissioner’s office in your community to find out the regulations you must abide by in order to run legally.

Cost of taxi insurance

The price of business takes a number of factors into account. A few of these are:

  • Your place of business, like the area where you work as a taxi drive.
  • Your record as a driver’s history.
  • the kind and age of the car (s) 
  • The scope and depth of the coverage

Rates for taxi insurance may also change depending on whether you purchase your coverage from an insurance company directly, a broker, or an agent. It’s critical to get a coverage that meets your financial needs and offers sufficient security.

Get an estimate on taxi insurance quotes.

With Protect My Taxi, you can ge the most suitable and cost effective insurance solutions for your taxi cabs. Find out if your state is currently covered by our taxi insurance, whether you drive in manchester or birmingham we offices everywhere,get your cover from you are or simply opt for fleet insurance online. Call right away to chat with a qualified specialist who can assist with your inquiries and lead you through a taxi insurance quotes  estimate that satisfies your company wants.

The Need for Insurance for Taxi Drivers

The risk that taxi businesses encounter on a daily basis is substantial. Additionally, in order to protect yourself from liability if you cause property damage or bodily harm while operating a taxi, you must purchase taxi insurance in most states before you may operate a cab. We’ll use the following instances to demonstrate our point:

Example 1: You have the minimal minimum required for taxi insurance. You get rear-ended by a vehicle as you are taking a passenger to the airport. While your passenger is taken by ambulance to the hospital because they are complaining of neck ache, you are OK. The lack of insurance by the other driver is discovered after the fact, yet you do not have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Sadly, you will be responsible for paying the passenger’s medical expenses.

Example #2: You are one of the unfortunate victims of a pileup involving many vehicles on the freeway. Fortunately, there isn’t anyone else in the taxi with you. You don’t have comprehensive collision coverage under your liability insurance, despite the fact that your car has sustained considerable damage. A portion of the cost of the repairs will be paid for by your insurance company, but the balance is your responsibility.

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