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Reasons Why You Should Vacation to Japan

vacation to japan

Vacation to Japan – Not sure what to do on your vacation? Let’s just go to Japan. “Sis, why does it have to be Japanese?” Because you can do and see things in Japan that you might not be able to do or see anywhere else. Still undecided? Here are six good reasons to spend your vacation time in the land where the sun rises.

1. Making technological and cultural progress together

It is possible that Japan is the only place where technology and culture work together. You should know that not every country can be like this. Yes, there are countries where the culture is strong but the technology hasn’t caught up. There are also countries where the culture is strong but the technology hasn’t caught up. Well, Japan is very good at putting the two together. For example, during cherry blossom season, you can do “hanami,” which means to look at cherry blossoms, in parks near tall buildings. The women are also wearing kimonos.

2. Full transportation, easy to get to, and comfy!

There are a lot of different kinds of public transportation in Japan. Like buses, trains, planes, ferries, and so on. Japan’s public transportation is also very easy to use. You can easily find both buses and trains. When you go to Japan, you should definitely ride the Shinkansen. This fast train is known for always getting there on time. You need a JR Pass to ride the Shinkansen. Aside from that, you can also rent bikes in Japan if you want to get around. Also, you won’t have any trouble getting around Japan if you go there.

3. Do you like looking for tasty treats to eat? Heaven Japan!

You might know a lot about the Japanese food that is becoming popular in Indonesia. But the food will taste very different if you eat it in your home country. You can try lots of other Japanese foods besides sushi, takoyaki, and dorayaki. Try exploring Tokyo and Osaka at night. Like to eat a lot at once? You can try the “Kuidaore” way of life in Osaka, where you can eat and drink as much as you want until your stomach can’t take it anymore. Try it out?

4. Fun places to visit that will spoil you!

When you go on vacation, you probably want to see new places. You will never run out of places to see in Japan. You’ve probably heard of places like Disneyland, Disney Sea, the Tokyo Tower, Fushimi Inari, and the Asakusa Shrine. You can go to places that haven’t been seen by many people. Like Amanohashidate, going to Miyajima to look around, or going to Kifune Shrine. Anyway, Japan is full of amazing natural panoramas!

5. One of the safest places in the world

People know that Japan has a mafia like the Yakuza. But did you know that even compared to the U.S., Japan is the safest country in the world? You don’t have to worry about going to the store in the middle of the night, and people here always follow traffic signs. You can also leave your bag on the counter and never worry that you’ll forget it. Subarashii!

6. There are many Muslim-friendly tours

People who are Muslim no longer have to worry about travelling in this land of the rising sun. There is more and more halal tourism. There are places to eat that have halal menus. Also, mosques began to show up in different places. Oh, yes, the Ayam-ya restaurant is a popular place for Japanese Muslims to eat. It serves ramen and is a halal place to eat. You may know that this restaurant already has two locations, in Kyoto and Tokyo.

These are the six reasons why you should go on vacation to Japan. Japan has a lot to teach us about its culture, way of life, and other things. Oh, Sakura will be here soon, which is a great time to take a trip. Let’s invite friends, family, and other people we know!

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