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Wedding Planning?? Ways to organize a good event

Wedding planning

Create a budget with estimated data to help you calculate your wedding Planning required budget, revenue goals, and break-even point. To plan your budget, you can simply create a table and record your expenses and income there. There are also a host of specific applications for calculating and managing the budget.

Update your estimates with actual numbers as soon as budget items have been confirmed wedding planning and committed so you can rework your budget allocation as needed.

Reserve a margin, essential for unforeseen expenses.

Find the right place

You have composed your budget. It means you have an idea of ​​the number of guests, and you know what type of event. This means you are going to organize wedding planning. Here are some key elements to choose THE right place for your event.


The place where you organize your event determines the image you want to convey. The general mood should reflect your brand image and represent the objective. Investigate as many options as possible and carefully weigh the pros and cons of each. Don’t forget that the further the place is from the atmosphere you want to create, the more you will have to compensate for it with the decoration. Wedding planner near me available If all or part of your event is taking place outdoors, consider a rain-sheltered backup or even an alternate date to reschedule your event.

Proximity and accessibility

The location of the venue contributes to the success of your event. Make sure it is easily accessible and its position is relatively central. Check for parking. If your guests are traveling from abroad, then select a location near an airport and consider accessibility by public transport.

Accommodation capacity

The space should be proportionate to the number of guests expected. Make sure the space doesn’t feel empty, or that the guests aren’t too crowded. Event planner near me of the finest quality


Nothing better to mark the spirits than a place that is out of the ordinary. An atypical place will leave a positive image and an unforgettable memory for your guests! You have finally found a few sites that meet your constraints and your expectations.

  • It is known the price for the rental, including the days/hours of assembly/dismantling?
  • The maximum number of guests?
  • The terms in case of cancellation?
  • Is there a referenced/imposed caterer or do you have to provide it?
  • Is the parking paid or free? Are there shuttle and taxi services?
  • What can the venue offer, and what do you require to care for yourself?
  • Is there a cleaning crew? Security personnel?

You should plan time to get to the venue and do detailed scouting: from the parking lot to the reception hall and from the event spaces to the sanitary facilities wedding planning. This visit may give you negotiating arguments before you even accept definitively.

Choose your service providers

Several providers will be needed, depending on the configuration and size of your event. Here are some rules for selecting the best ones:

  • Look for recommendations within your professional entourage. Thus, you are assured of a certain quality and of a successful previous collaboration. You will be able to work on the long term yourself with a service provider you are satisfied with.
  • Create a database of contacts: company, contact, website, recommendations, details of the offer, prices, availability, various comments, etc.
  • Always ask for a quote detailing the costs line by line. You can then more simply integrate it and adapt it to your budget framework.
  • Do not consider any rate as fixed. To optimize your management as well as possible, do not hesitate to negotiate with the service provider or put several companies in competition.

Make your event unforgettable

An event that stages emotion marks the spirits. It’s an excellent way to please, surprise, amaze, make people laugh. For this, you can use the decoration/staging of the chosen location, the quality of the presentations by your speakers, and the entertainment.

How to properly prepare the place?

The decoration occupies a key place in the memory that your event will leave with your guests. It is she who reflects the wedding planning the image of your company in the first place. Whether it’s for a conference, a trade show, an internal meeting, or a product launch, get creative. It is essential to create a universe related to the message you want to convey. The Internet could be an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration for this. The scenographers are also at your service to reproduce the atmosphere you want by adapting it to the constraints of the place. They will be of great help to enhance your business and your brand identity.

How to properly prepare the place?

It is advisable to arrange and decorate in priority the spaces which will drain the most passages and attention:

  • reception/entrance
  • the buffet
  • the stage, in the event of a conference
  • the stand, at a trade show
  • the place dedicated to the presentation of a product

These spaces will also be the most photographed/filmed. The setting must therefore be harmonious, the furniture in line with the desired atmosphere and ambience. It will be a real customization by playing on colors, lights, sounds and volumes to design a warm and original space.

How to properly prepare the place?

In the context of a conference, it is essential to prepare the venue well and to ensure the technical aspects:

  • The stage will be slightly elevated so that the entire audience can see the speaker. It will also be wide enough for the speaker to move from left to right without constraints, and to accommodate groups if necessary (e.g., a round table).
  • Arrange for the audience to be in the dark, but not completely in the dark. This makes it possible to film his reactions if video teams are present.
  • Proper stage lighting will greatly improve the chance of quality photos and videos.
  • Provide a small bottle of water at room temperature on a desk so that the speaker can quench his thirst.
  • In formal presentations, the speaker often stands behind a lectern. Apart from these very formal cases, we do not recommend its use, because it adds a barrier between the speaker and the audience.
  • Check where the speakers enter and exit the stage.
  • If there is a seated audience, ensure that all guests have a seat.
  • Check all audiovisual equipment (screen, appropriate slide format, return screen, timer, microphones, remote control with battery, sound system, connection cables to connect the computer to the projection system, etc.).

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