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10 Most Popular Arcade Games in India

Gender plays the least significant role when you are playing arcade games. Malls and other public hangout places are thriving with people interested in arcade games like ant game. Several arcade games are popular in India, but we have discussed only the top ten in this article.

Ten Most Famous Arcade Games for You:

So, let’s start with the list of the top ten arcade games. Here they are for your eyes only:

  1. Temple Run: There was a time when it was hardly possible to find a mobile phone which did not have this game installed. Everyone played it with great enthusiasm and would also have the different game variants available in the market. The game is easy yet exciting, and this charming feature attracts enough attention. You must make your in-game character run as far as possible and collect as many articles as possible. It sounds simple, yet it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Play it to know.
  2. Fruit Slice: Fruit Slice is a game where everyone boasts about good reflexes. It is equally simple and easy to play as the previous game, if not smoother. You will feel like a ninja chef playing with fruits. You get a bunch of fruits thrown. You have to Slice them up. But the twist is that you cannot Slice everything as other objects thrown at you other than fruits. So, controlling your reflexes and instincts is the way to go and play the game.
  3. Subway Surfer: Another popular game played by people of every age group. Any kid or even adults were seen playing this game of a boy surfing along railway tracks and avoiding getting hit by trains. Simultaneously, collecting coins to upgrade his surfing board and surfing gear. This game would help you stop feeling bored in an exciting way.
  4. Chain Reaction: Pay this game with two or more players. The game has a grid, and tapping on those grids produces balls of different colors. Each player is assigned a different color, and the player who can get the most grid colors wins the game. This game can be challenging but fascinating nonetheless. You can play this game to keep yourself and your friends entertained.
  5. Dino Run game: It is another simple multi-player game. The game’s main objective is to make the dinosaur character run and avoid obstacles it faces, and the speed and difficulty of the game increase with the increase in points. While playing with several players, the player with the highest score, in the end, wins the game.
  6. Join Clash 3D: This game is all about survival. You make allies with people and run around to survive this game. It is a highly entertaining game that can keep you glued to your device for hours.
  7. Ant-Man game: Just like the name suggests, the main character of the ant man game is the ant. The game’s main objective is to eat more and more candies to make a clear path for the ant, and the more the ant consumes sugar, the bigger the ant trail this, scoring more points. While playing with friends, try to score as many points as possible.
  8. Stacky Bird: In this game, the bird has to stack boxes to clear its path from any obstacles. After reaching a certain point, the player is given a booster, with the help of which the bird can then destroy the hurdles, making it easier to move forward. It is smooth. But the game is simultaneously engaging, which you can enjoy with other players.
  9. Ball Crush: This game is an uncomplicated puzzle game where the player should match balls to score points. The ball crush available in the game are based on popular ball-related games like tennis, pool, volleyball, basketball, and more.
  10. Sheep Fight: There is nothing overly different in this game. It is an uncomplicated game where the main objective is to reduce the opponents’ grass points to zero with the help of the sheep provided to the player. The competition with the opponent is the most thrilling point of the game.

Conclusion: The Final Takeaway

The list of good arcade games includes more than these ten popular games. There are so many more games that actual game lovers can explore. Moreover, you can guarantee they will always find a reason to smile while playing these games. Nowadays, it is not likely that a person will have to go to a proper arcade to play a good arcade game. There are online and offline apps and sites like PlayerzPot. It helps players enjoy some of the most popular arcade games available in India from wherever they want. So, when are you playing your next arcade game? Many are waiting for you to be your partner, so don’t let them wait much!

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