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5 Things You Need to Know You Could Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just about casinos and gambling. Indeed, there is a wide variety of attractions in Las Vegas, including museums that offer tons of fun for kids and adults alike.

From bathing with real sharks to exhilarating rides on double-loop roller coasters and many tours from Las Vegas, you will always find something fun and exciting to explore and do in this famous city.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve planned a subdued family vacation or a “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” type of getaway because you’re more than guaranteed to leave with a host of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Here are just a few sites that keep seasoned tourists coming back year-round.

1. Shark-Infested Waters Await You

For the truly brave, there is Shark Reef, a full-sized aquarium located in Mandalay Bay, which features the famous Dive With The Sharks attraction. Spend up to 45 heart-stopping minutes in the giant tank at Shark Reef and get up close and private with diverse shark species such as the Sand Tiger, White Tip Reef, Zebra, Galapagos sharks, and many others. The only condition is that you have to be a certified diver. Don’t worry – the sharks will be well fed before you dive in.

2. Visit Not-So Ordinary Museums

It’s not that often you can visit a museum specializing in gangsters or atomic bomb testing. Kids and adults will love touring The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement (otherwise known as the “Mob Museum”), which opened in 2012.

Are you in the spirit for something a little more creative and fun? Then stop by the top-rated Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas. The museum features a fantastic set of optical illusion backdrops for taking creative selfies or interactive installations like a “Bathroom selfie,” creating the illusion that they were the mirror image of friends. Take cool pop art pics at the Upside Down room, treat life as a ball pit, and dive straight into the “Emoji pool”!

Bring over your friends to have fun and enjoy snapping hundreds of eye-catching, vivid selfies and discover the phenomenal popularity and history of the selfie, dating back 40000 years.

If you aren’t comfortable using your iPhone for taking pictures, you can book an experienced photographer or bring your DSLR camera at no extra charge. Visit the Museum of Selfies Instagram page to get an idea of what you can see there. Enjoy a $7 OFF discount by simply entering the promo code: “lucky” when ordering your tickets online.

3. Try a Gut-wrenching Roller Coaster Ride

Adrenaline lovers unite! The famous Strip in Las Vegas is the place to be for stomach-turning rides aboard a wide assortment of double-loop and double-corkscrew roller coasters. Thrill-seekers will scramble for their turn on Sky Jump, a controlled free fall from an astounding 108-floors up, and The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York, with its 203-feet drop at speeds of 67 MPH, will indeed become one of the most exciting rides of your trip.

4. Tour The Neon Boneyard

You’ll see many of the most memorable and iconic Las Vegas signs while visiting The Neon Boneyard, which features signs from the 1930s to the present day. A perfect way to touch a little piece of Vegas history!

5. Grand Canyon Tour

The Grand Canyon definitely is one of the top amazing and unique sights. And every year, millions of visitors, including me, are amazed by its sheer magnificence.

Many people who visit Grand Canyon National Park can’t wait to go back again. There’s something special about the place that makes travelers want to return. Each time you go, you see something new. If you’re going to be inspired by breathtaking natural beauty, then the Grand Canyon is your place. You never know what you’re going to see.

If you have time for sightseeing outside Las Vegas, reserve a seat aboard a helicopter for an eagle-eye view of the magnificent Grand Canyon. You’ll take off from Las Vegas and enjoy an aerial view above the Grand Canyon that will allow you to appreciate this natural wonder truly!

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