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A comprehensive battery maintenance guide for electric four-wheelers

If own an electric four-wheeler then you own not only an average vehicle but a future vehicle that allows us to not worry about the rising fuel prices and aids in keeping the environment safe. In addition to this, the modern electric four-wheelers are very quiet as well and therefore, one can use them on even the pavements without worrying about the neighbors storming on the front door. 

There are many advantages offered by an electric four-wheeler over the gas-powered four-wheeler and it is because of this long list of advantages that the market of electric vehicles is growing at a very fast pace. 

But if you want to make the most of your electric vehicle then you have to ensure that you are taking care of the battery as it is the heart of any electric-powered bike. So, let’s take a look at some tips that you can use to keep the battery of your electric four wheeler in the right condition. 

Reduce rapid charging 

One of the first things that you have to do for increasing the lifespan of the battery and maintaining its performance is to minimize rapid charging. Rapid charging can prove to be the best option when you need to charge your four-wheeler quickly, especially if you are on a long drive. 

There is no issue in using rapid charging occasionally but if you are going to use it on a regular basis then it is going to degrade the battery faster than a slower charge. You can simply consider the fact that charging any type of battery at home at an average pace increases the lifespan of the battery in comparison to fast charging. 

Keep it between 20%-80%

Many people are used to charging the battery of their electric four wheeler to 100% and then not charging it till it comes down to 0%. This is the worst thing that you can do to the battery of any electric-powered four-wheeler. 

In such a case, every battery cell is going to be utilized upon the charging and draining process and this reduces the lifespan of the battery by almost 30%. So, you should make a habit of not keeping the battery completely full or completely empty. 

An ideal practice will be to keep the charge between 20%-80%. There are many electric vehicles out there in which you can change the standard setting of battery charging and if it is available in your vehicle you should keep it between 20%-80% only. 

Charge fully only for long trips 

You might have started thinking that if are not going to charge the battery of your electric powered four-wheeler beyond 80% then you will have to keep finding charging stations throughout the journey. But there are many exceptions when it comes to the ideal charging state of 80%. 

If you are planning for going on a long trip then you can fully charge your battery but this should never become a habit. You just understand that charging the battery to 100% doesn’t degrade its performance unless you were to keep it fully charged all the time. 

Take the vehicle for regular short drives

Keeping the battery idle for a long period of time also degrades its performance but this tip should never be too taxing. Just like any fuel-based car, it is always good for the overall health of the car to always take it for a drive every then and now. This is always going to help the four-wheeler in maintaining its lifespan and performance 

Electric four-wheelers can be one of the best choices for many people but only if you are going to take care of its battery. Just like the engine, batteries are the heart of any electric powered vehicle and this is why you need to follow some ideal practices for keeping the batteries in the right shape. 

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