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Everything You Must Know About Run-flat Tyres

No need to feel stressed when your tyre gets a puncture in the dark with run-flat tyres. These tyres have made getting stranded in the middle of nowhere – a thing of the past Run-flat Tyres. 

What are Run-flat Tyres?

Run-flat tyres feature a self-supporting technology that enables you to continue driving for a while on a flat tyre. Its purpose is to get you to a safer location or a nearby garage for tyre replacement. Due to their unique tyre construction, the tyres have a reduced risk of rapid and explosive inflation pressure loss – commonly called Buy Tyres West Bromwich

How do Run-flats Work?

Unlike standard Avon Tyres West Bromwich that require air pressure to stay in their shape, run-flat tyres come with a reinforced sidewall. It means the tyres stay firm and rigid without any pressure. 

The reinforced outer side of run-flat tyres keeps the tyre in place without inflation, supporting the vehicle’s weight as you continue your journey. But, the tyre’s sidewall can enable you to drive up to around 50 miles at a limited driving speed of 50 mph after the tyre’s deflated. 

How does one know when the run-flat tyres get flat?

All vehicles that have run-flat tyres, must install a tyre pressure monitoring system. It alerts the driver during tyre puncture. Without a TPMS, it would be impossible to know about a tyre puncture, since run-flats continue to spin even when they’re flat. 

Most Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems show an alert on the tyre’s centre console, signifying the driver that they’ll have to stop the vehicle after 50 miles and get the tyre repaired or replaced. 

Do run-flats last long?

Generally, run-flat tyres also incorporate the same rubber compound as the standard tyres, so you expect similar service life. Run-flat tyres also wear at the same rate as conventional tyres despite their reinforced sidewalls. They require the same care and maintenance that you’d give to any other tyre. 

Regularly check their tyre pressure, condition and tread depth every fortnight to ensure you are in their best condition. It will also ensure their durability and you’ll be able to fully use them before discarding them. 

Can we repair run-flat tyres?

No, these tyres aren’t repairable. It’s because once you drive them when they’re flat, they lose their structural integrity, which makes them unsafe for repairs. And, if you patch them up, it’s likely the tyre will puncture again due to irregular wear and loss of rigidity. 

It’s one of the biggest downsides of over traditional tyres. Given the cost of run-flat tyres in the first place, each tiny puncture in the tyre could end up costing a fortune. 

Are run-flat tyres costly?

To be precise, yes. Because these tyres aren’t vastly available, they are a lot costlier than standard car tyres and can only be installed in specific vehicles. And the fact that these tyres are non-repairable makes the drivers think twice about them before buying. 

What’s the difference between run-flat tyres and regular tyres?

With standard car tyres, the air inside your tyres is responsible to support the car. When that air escapes through a hole, the tyre collapses, putting excessive pressure on the rest of the car’s components. 

Run-flat tyres are heavier as they incorporate reinforced sidewalls and firm rubber inserts. It enables the tyre to continue driving temporarily during a puncture. 

What is the different variant of run-flat tyres?

Different tyre manufacturers utilize different technologies to create. The two primary variants of run-flat tyres are:- 

Self-supporting – Generally, these tyres feature thicker, stiffer, reinforced sidewall construction comprising layers of heat resistant cord and rubber. It prevents the tyre’s sidewall from creasing or folding under pressure. 

Support ring – These tyres are also called auxiliary-supported tyres. It has a hard support ring of rubber attached to the car’s wheel. 

Consult a tyre professional before deciding on installing run-flat tyres in your car. You can also visit our facility, and our friendly experts will be happy to help you with any of your car-related problems. 

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