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Will a 6GB RAM mobiles phones consume more battery than a 4GB RAM mobile?

Modern technology has advanced with quantum leaps. With this progress, the technology we use in consumer electronics is changing every month. Mobile manufacturers are coming up with their 6GB RAM mobiles in India, creating a big hype. However, the average user of an android phone is starting to think if 6GB RAM mobiles are any better than the already existing 4GB models.

This question is pertinent because it raises the age-old performance factor for smartphones. Some experts believe that one does not need 6GB RAM for their phones as they consume more battery. Others argue about the phone’s power use, which sometimes slows down the entire user experience, lagging the performance and making the process frustrating. This article will see why 6GB RAM mobiles like the Samsung A31 can be the right choice for the new generation.

RAM technology in mobile phones:

RAM is the abbreviation for Random Access Memory of a computer device. It is no surprise that today’s smartphones are nothing but tiny handheld computers. So, they utilize RAM for their performance too. RAM is used to run programs and hence is the working memory. An amount of RAM gets used even before the phone starts running. This RAM allocates CPU and GPU resources for the mobile to cold-boot.

Comparison between 6GB and 4GB RAM:

· A standard 4GB of RAM mobile has an average memory usage of around 2.4GB, and can it can hold 47 apps simultaneously in that memory. When you increase that by 2GB, 6GB RAM mobiles can adeptly handle over 60 apps in the memory space at any given moment.

This added performance improvement may come as a significant advantage. But it doesn’t add any extraordinary tangible performance improvement for an average use case. Hence, only the power users like gamers and streamers will find 6GB RAM mobiles to be an excellent fit for their lifestyle.

· Samsung has stated clearly that 4GB of RAM can handle most typical routine tasks. According to the Samsung director, 6GB RAM mobiles give more psychological security but going above this range means a higher product price.

Most Android smartphone manufacturers are currently keeping up with this 6GB RAM mobiles trend. To offer more memory in their budget, Samsung produces phones like the Samsung A31.

· Some people might use a phone to do basic cellular calling and receiving. At the same time, some use their phones for texting, web browsing, and using social media apps. Superusers, contrary to this, like to multitask and use their smartphone for editing videos or playing graphic-intensive games.

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With 6GB RAM mobiles, one can enjoy the optimum energy usage for opening multiple apps in the memory. This feature enables them to switch between apps quickly as they are already operating in the background.

· Users who want a future-proofing measure brag about having 6GB RAM mobiles. The phone’s performance is based on the amount of RAM it has. Again, 4GB of RAM is more than sufficient for regular users. Nevertheless, if you are already investing your hard-earned money on expensive handsets, you might as well get the 6GB RAM mobiles like the Samsung A31.

Why are the latest Samsung 6GB RAM mobiles better than old 4GB RAM mobiles?

Samsung is a pioneer in the mobile industry. With the latest innovations and staggering price points, Samsung mobiles always have something to offer the user. While using 1.5 times better DRAM increases total electricity, for they have even more intricate logic gates and circuitry, it does not significantly affect the overall power usage of 6GB RAM mobiles.

Remember that buying a phone of 6GB like the Samsung 31 will not give you exponentially improved performance. However, when you multitask on those hard days, it will provide you with incremental progress.

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RAM is an indispensable part of the modern computer, be it handheld or PC. Latest Android Smartphones are coming with higher RAM, like three and 4GB. Additionally, the 6GB RAM mobiles are taking the market by the storm. While they do not add much smoothness to the regular user, the increasing number of gamers and power users find 6GB RAM mobile phones to be a boon.

We have explored why that is the case in this article. Once you have selected your preferred model, you can buy your smartphone at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card for your purchase and enjoy perks like cashback and pre-approved offers.

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