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5 Tips to Transform a Party Hall into a Perfect Las-Vegas Style Bachelor Party Venue

Bachelor Party in Houston

Weddings are special yes. But so are the bachelor parties. When your best bud is going to get hitched the next day and willing to spend the rest of the life sharing it with his significant other, it is obvious that you all will plan a superb day full of celebrations that will make the last day of his “independence” completely worth it. Now, not everyone can afford or have the time to go to Las Vegas or have some adventure as shown in the Hangover movies. Hence, finding the best venue for a bachelor party in Houston can be the closest you can get to it and the best idea.

Now, if you are wondering how to find a venue for such a party that will be devoid of the cringe-worthiness of a strip club but will be as happening as a posh pub in the city while ensuring complete privacy, then you are at the right place. Take a look at the following points to know how the best Houston party venues can become the ideal ones for a bachelor party.

Comfortable for the Guests Present

First of all, you have to keep in mind that when you are organizing a bachelor party, you need to take care of many sections in the venue. A proper place for exhibiting the delicious spread that will be there; a bar should be there; and so, should the dance floor. If you are inviting some special entertainers, then having an elevated section in the banquet won’t be a bad idea either. That is why the hall you are booking should be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. There are many party halls in Houston that will easily accommodate around 300 people. Make sure you are investing money in such a venue.

Easy Customization

You might think how a venue that hosts other kinds of parties and weddings can become the best place to throw a bachelor party! Well, these days, most of the reputed party halls have their own team of decorators who can completely customize the venue and make it exactly the way you want for the occasion. So, reception halls Houston can become the perfect place for a happening bachelor party just with some amazing ideas of decoration.

Full-on Entertainment

The biggest attraction of a bachelor party is undoubtedly the entertainment part. So, when you are planning to throw a bachelor party for your dear friend, find the venue that will offer you plenty in terms of entertainment. Make sure the place has a dance floor so that your friend and your whole gang can dance the night out while downing bottles of booze throughout. Often these halls offer their own DJ. You just need to share your coveted playlist with them and they will make sure the foot-tapping music doesn’t let you stop for the whole night.

Let the ‘Classic Vegas’ Flavors Run in the Atmosphere

How is it a bachelor party in Vegas when you start exercising restraint! Vegas is known for unrestrained fun. And that is exactly what your best friend needs. Weddings make everyone nervous. So, your bachelor party needs the ‘Classic Vegas’ atmosphere. Bring in a ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. Your friend is going to love it. You can also draw on the classic Vegas iconography. All you need is a lot of poker chips, a croupier and a roulette wheel. All these elements will make it a Classic Vegas party. You can ask your party planner to arrange them too! They will be happy to oblige all your requests.

Several other elements can get included too. Keeping Las Vegas banners, covered in the famous stripped Vegas light, at the entrance will amaze your friend and all the guests. The city is known for fun and when you incorporate all these elements, it is a party to remember. Do not forget to include fake palm trees, statues, neon signs, etc. That makes it an ultimate Vegas Bachelor party.

Movies Will Be a Highlight

Among all other entertainment, movies are a must-do Vegas thing when you plan a Vegas themed party. Vegas has always been famous for shiny movies. Why not incorporate it in your theme? You can make people dress up as famous characters from the City of Sin, Molly’s Game, Leaving Las Vegas, Ocean’ 11, Casino Royale, and so much more. It will be a party of a lifetime with these movie elements.

Ask your party planners, if a short clip can get planned during the event. The guests can enact their favourite Vegas movie scene, and will be a blast! If your guests cannot dress up, hire people to entertain them. It will be the best bachelor party ever! So, now as you know how you can plan a great bachelor party in a city hall of Houston, who needs Las Vegas? Throw a party for your buddy that he is going to remember for his whole life.

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